The Waiting Game

Here we are in the last week of my pregnancy and we're playing the waiting game. As I'm writing this, I've been having irregular contractions for the last 9 hours. We could be in the final moments as a party of 2 or this could be a false alarm, teasing us and she won't make her arrival for another few weeks. 

The last few weeks and months have absolutely flown by. I've seen my belly grow beyond what I ever thought it could. I've felt her turn, flip, and flop into position. I've watched Dan prep to be a dad -- installing a fan in her room, buying books to read to her at night, and assembling all of her nursery necessities. 

While I've been impatiently waiting, her nursery has been ready for weeks. Every drawer is stuffed with folded clothes, diapers are put away and ready for her first changing, her bookshelves have been filled with bedtime stories, and her bassinet is prepped and ready to go in our bedroom. 

We're excited to meet little Avery Taylor Braun. Whether she joins us tonight or in a few weeks, we're certain that this little girl will be loved. But for now, we wait.